For a quicker retrieval solution DataSave can offer an indexing retrieval solution, a database driven system can return your required document to your desktop in seconds. The works along side our document scanning service.

Several fields can be setup for searching.

data capture for document scanning
Data Entry Services

For example: Purchase invoices

DataSave could setup a 3 field index for this, a purchase invoice number field, a date field and a supplier code field. This would then allow you to enter all or either of these fields to locate the exact document that you are looking for. So if you know the invoice your looking for simply enter the invoice number, if you don’t know the exact invoice number you could locate the invoice still via the supplier code and date.

This indexing solution is created using open database technology and therefore can be implemented into your current document management systems.

DataSave can also convert the data to the file-name of the scanned image and use the PDF file format. This negates the need for any software to be installed to search for the documents, windows own search facility can be used.